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EMC Kazeon Best Practices Webinar: George Socha, Esq. Debunks the Top Five eDiscovery Myths

Noon – 1:00 pm Central

EMC SourceOne eDiscovery – Kazeon presents George Socha, Esq. to Debunk the Top Five eDiscovery Myths.  Don’t miss this insightful Best Practices Webinar!

Learn how to gain more control of your litigation process, ensure maximum defensibility and lower your eDiscovery costs. George Socha, Esq. discusses advanced best practices that make an eDiscovery project successful, as well as the critical challenges corporations face in each phase of an eDiscovery implementation. Continue reading

Kazeon webinar: Successful Deployment of In-house eDiscovery: How to save money AND ensure complete, accurate, defensible eDiscovery

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Litigations and internal investigations are on the rise. And all corporations are under a budget crunch. How does one successfully implement eDiscovery while keeping costs in check and yet not compromise on the accuracy, completeness and defensibility of their eDiscovery process? Why is the trend to bring eDiscovery in-house rising? How does one successfully fulfill their Analysis & Review needs? What is In-place eDiscovery (versus Target eDiscovery)? How does one get started? These and other questions are what most corporations are spending valuable time, resources and money trying to answer.

Kazeon is proud to bring two eDiscovery experts, George Socha and Tom Gelbmann, into a panel discussion on the topic of In-house eDiscovery. George and Tom are the experts behind the annual Socha-Gelbmann eDiscovery Survey. They will discuss the essentials of eDiscovery and key considerations while implementing eDiscovery processes. Please attend this once-only webinar to understand how to be successful with your eDiscovery practices whether you are a corporation, a law firm or a legal service provider. Bring your questions to the webinar, or submit them beforehand.

Panelists:  George Socha and Tom Gelbmann

Socha-Gelbmann Update: LegalTech New York, EDRM & e-Discovery Trends

Link to webinar registration:  Listen to the live webinar or anytime afterwards via Fios’ on-demand program.

Tuesday February 10, 2009 01:00 PM ET (60 minutes)

Hear from leading analysts George Socha and Tom Gelbmann on the activities that took place at LegalTech New York, developments in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) projects and overall e-discovery trends to follow in 2009. In this webcast, Tom and George will discuss:

  • LegalTech – What were the hot issues addressed at the largest legal technology show of the year?
  • EDRM – How have the different projects – Evergreen, XML, Metrics, Search, Model Code of Conduct and Data Set – progressed?
  • Overall  trends – What trends will help shape the e-discovery industry in 2009?


  • George J. Socha, Jr., Esq., Principal Analyst, Socha Consulting LLC
  • Thomas Gelbmann, Principal Analyst, Gelbmann & Associates

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Kazeon webinar: George Socha & Kazeon discuss new developments in eDiscovery Best Practices

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Corporations are increasingly turning to eDiscovery methods to gain more control of their litigation process, ensure maximum defensibility and lower their costs. To help corporations make the right decisions for a successful eDiscovery project, Kazeon presents Featured Guest Presenter and Distinguished eDiscovery Expert, George Socha, to discuss best practices that make an eDiscovery project successful, as well as the critical challenges corporations, law firms and service providers face in each phase of an eDiscovery implementation.

Uncover the secrets of eDiscovery implementation from the Experts and learn what every Corporation, Law Firm and Legal Service Provider must know before litigation proceedings begin!

As attendance is limited for this premium event, register early to reserve your seat for this once only event.

EDRM XML Standard Webinar

Link to electronic discovery webinar: Join us on Friday, December 7th at noon CST for a educational Webinar on EDRM’s new XML standard for e-discovery. The Web seminar will be hosted by EDRM founder George Socha and will feature a presentation from a member of the EDRM’s XML Project team, David Baskin of Recommind. To register for the Web seminar, please visit

Esquire Litigation Solutions Launches E-Discovery Webinar Series

Press release:  First presentation in series examines Meet & Confer rules

Florham Park, N.J. – November 13, 2007 – Esquire Litigation Solutions, a national provider of litigation support services, today announced the first in a series of upcoming webinars focused on discovery issues: Just What Is It You Don’t Understand About the “Meet and Confer” will be presented by Jay Grenig, Professor of Law at Marquette University. The one-hour presentation on discovery conferences will examine form of production, privilege review, clawbacks, litigation holds, non-reasonably accessible electronically stored information (ESI) and more. Continue reading

Preparing for the Meet & Confer — How Early Case Analysis Can Give You a Significant Competitive Advantage

Electronic discovery webinar:  Central time. Clearwell Systems, Inc.

The amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have made the e-discovery plan a critical part of every “Meet and Confer” conference. Unfortunately, most organizations and their outside counsel are woefully prepared for it, exposing themselves to significant risk.  During this web seminar, you will learn how companies—just like yours—are using new analysis products to assess cases quickly and guide the scope of e-discovery to their advantage.

Join this free web seminar featuring George Socha to learn how Legal and Litigation Support professionals are taking a proactive approach to e-discovery and reducing risk. Attendees will:

  1. Learn how the “Meet & Confer” discussions have changed in light of the amended FRCP
  2. Understand how early case analysis can help you negotiate an e-discovery plan that it advantageous to you and your client
  3. Discover best practices, processes, and products used by your peers to rapidly assess cases
  4. Walk away with a Meet & Confer timeline and checklis